Personal Service

Personal Service

The opening song from the TV classic "Cheers" said it best. "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name." We at RMA Fitness do our best to know each and everyone of our customers.

At RMA, we don't simply take your money and point you to the equipment. We offer you FREE instruction beginning with six strength training machines. We understand that starting a new program may be confusing and intimidating, so we provide you with three successive training sessions, if needed, to ensure your comfort level with the equipment.

After six weeks, we review your progress and give you a two set program. At ten weeks, you will set up an appointment for a new program.

We know RMA builds confidence and character. Confidence in yourself. Character in the constant attempt to do better, to train at the highest level possible, and to realize important dreams.

At RMA we help members realize their goals. We believe it makes a difference

The difference is RMA

A tradition since 1981.