Fitness Tips


Once you make exercise a part of your lifestyle, it will feel more natural to do it than not to do it. You must commit yourself. And at first you must push yourself to do something that doesn't feel natural or comfortable. I encourage you to give it time. learn to recognize that every time you complete an exercise session, you've taken another step in the right direction. Every time you get up and go to the gym and work out hard when your old habit might have been sitting down and watching TV, you've taken another step in the right direction. take it one day at a time and you will get there!



Take a Spinning class at RMA Fitness today! Burn calories and have fun.

Spinning is a high-intensity cardiovascualr workout performed to music on a stationary bicycle. The class lasts about 45 minutues and is perfect for both the beginner cyclist and conditioned tri-athlete since you control the resistance. It's a fun, fast way to burn fat and calories! Take a class today and discover why everyone gets hooked on spinning.

Class Description

Following an instructor's directions, riders push a lever to increase and decrease the bike's resistance to stimulate road racing and climbing hills. It's a fun, non-impact, individually paced, cardiovascualr exercise.

The Spinning Workout burns between 500 abd 800 calories in an hour. For a safe and effective journey, join a class at RMA today.

*The amount of calories burned by each individual will vary, depending on your weight and the intensity and duration of the workout. See calorie chart.