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Once you make exercise a part of your lifestyle, it will feel more natural to do it than not to do it. You must commit yourself. And at first you must push yourself to do something that doesn't feel natural or comfortable. I encourage you to give it time. learn to recognize that every time you complete an exercise session, you've taken another step in the right direction. Every time you get up and go to the gym and work out hard when your old habit might have been sitting down and watching TV, you've taken another step in the right direction. take it one day at a time and you will get there!


Take a Spinning class at RMA Fitness today! Burn calories and have fun.

Spinning is a high-intensity cardiovascualr workout performed to music on a stationary bicycle. The class lasts about 45 minutues and is perfect for both the beginner cyclist and conditioned tri-athlete since you control the resistance. It's a fun, fast way to burn fat and calories!

Take a class today and discover why everyone gets hooked on spinning.

Class Description

Following an instructor's directions, riders push a lever to increase and decrease the bike's resistance to stimulate road racing and climbing hills. It's a fun, non-impact, individually paced, cardiovascualr exercise.

The Spinning Workout burns between 500 abd 800 calories in an hour. For a safe and effective journey, join a class at RMA today.

*The amount of calories burned by each individual will vary, depending on your weight and the intensity and duration of the workout. 


At RMA Fitness, we provide the latest in fitness equipment and offer
the best in training to insure that you the customer will get the best workout possible. 

RMA Fitness Cardio

Life Steps
Recumbant Cycles
Elliptical Trainers
Step Mills
Arc Trainers 

RMA Fitness-Strength Training
Strength Equipment

Free Weights

Personal facilty services

Fitness Classes
Day Care*
Men's and Women's Facilities
Personal Training*

*Available at additional cost



5:30 AM
Spin 45min with Kim 

8:30 AM
Strength Circuit* with Krista

9:30 AM
Spinning* with Krista
Zumba* with Patty

4:00 PM
Weights* with Joyce

5:00 PM
Kick Box* with Joyce

6:00 PM
Total Body Conditioning with Dottie

7:00 PM
Zumba with Patty


5:30 AM
Muscle 45 with Kim

9:00 AM
Kick Box* with Joyce 

10:00 AM
Pilates 1/2 hour* with Joyce

5:30 PM
Guts & Butts with Joyce

6:30 PM
Spinning with Connie

7:00 PM
Yoga with Siobhan 


5:30 AM
Spinning with Gary

8:30 AM
Weights* with Joyce

9:30 AM
Spinning* with Krista
Zumba* with Gerry

4:00 PM
Weights* with Taryn

5:00 PM
Yoga with Siobhan

6:00 PM
Strength Conditioning with Dottie

7:00 PM
Zumba with Patty


5:30 AM
Intervals/Weights With Joyce

9:00 AM
Bootcamp* with Margie

10:00 AM
Yoga* with Julie

5:30 PM
Kick boxing with Taryn

6:30 PM
Spin 45 min with Ellen


5:30 AM
Spinning with Joyce

8:30 AM
Weights* with Joyce

9:30 AM
Spinning* with Karen
Zumba* with Patty

4:00 PM
Weights with Taryn 


7:30 AM
Spinning with Joyce

8:30 AM
Rotating Classes*

9:30 AM
Zumba* alternating with Gerry and Erica

Rotating Saturday Schedule

-1st and 3rd Saturdays with Mary Anne

- 2nd and 4th Saturdays with Kim

Check schedule at front desk and on Facebook.


8:30 AM
Rotating Classes

9:30 AM
Yoga with Siobhan & Julie

Rotating Sunday Schedule
Check schedule at front desk and on Facebook.


$2.00 per hour.
Each additional child is $1.00 per hour
Morning Hours

Monday through
Saturday 8:30-1130 AM

Afternoon Hours
Monday & Wednesday 4:00-6:00 PM

Personal Service

The opening song from the TV classic "Cheers" said it best. "Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name." We at RMA Fitness do our best to know each and everyone of our customers.

At RMA, we don't simply take your money and point you to the equipment. We offer you FREE instruction beginning with six strength training machines. We understand that starting a new program may be confusing and intimidating, so we provide you with three successive training sessions, if needed, to ensure your comfort level with the equipment.

After six weeks, we review your progress and give you a two set program. At ten weeks, you will set up an appointment for a new program.

We know RMA builds confidence and character. Confidence in yourself. Character in the constant attempt to do better, to train at the highest level possible, and to realize important dreams.

At RMA we help members realize their goals. We believe it makes a difference

The difference is RMA

A tradition since 1981.

Personal Trainers

Need some help getting a fitness routine started? Contact these personal trainers!
These trainers will help you get the best workout possible!*
* Please contact them directly.

JSA Health & Fitness

Joe Angelo

Personal Trainer - B.S. Kinesology

RMA Fitness - Wilmington, MA

RMA Fitness - Bourne, MA


Phone:  781 249 1242

Become a Better Athlete

Individual or Group Sessions

Strength Training Programs

    Conditioning and Agility Programs.

    Nutrition and Fitness Education.

    Injury Protection.

    Individual or group sports performance & Olympic weight lifting.

    Individual or group personal training.

    Education and personal training for chronic diseases.

Gary Lombardo

Multi sport Coach, USA Triathlon & USA Cycling Certified

Ascend Sports Conditioning


Cell: 781.864.1679

Office: 978.319.9356

Twitter: @garylombardo


Ascend Sports Conditioning is a professional multi sport coaching organization dedicated to empowering athletes of any level (elite, beginner or any level in between) to attaining optimal performance and achieving athletic and health and well-being goals. Whether you are an experienced athlete with years of racing experience or a novice beginner looking to become active, we bring the experience and expertise to develop personalized and professional programs to meet your needs.

Training and racing with multiple sports as a focus is at the core of our experience and expertise. Weight training, triathlon, cycling racing, track and field, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, basketball, football, tennis, adventure racing-- whatever your sport, we develop programs that will simplify the training and strategy for you, while providing you the knowledge and inspiration to attain your goals.

Ascend Sports Conditioning is owned and operated by Gary Lombardo, experienced multi sport coach and athlete. Gary also is a spinning instructor at RMA Fitness, and is experienced in developing weight training and fitness programs ideal for doing at RMA Fitness. For more information, please visit: or contact or 781.864.1679

Jason D. Maker-Personal Trainer

ISSA & NCSF Certified

Cell Phone:(978)-590-1143



Program Design


Kick Boxing

Small Group Training


1 Burlington Ave Wilmington, MA 01887

TEL [978] 658 – 5556

FAX [978] 658 -BMX Zarella

1 Burlington Ave Wilmington, MA 01887


Over 10 years of Fitness Consulting, Krista will give you the RESULTS you desire! Whether you want to Lose Weight or Tone Your Muscles, you will benefit from her Fitness Experience and get in SHAPE!



Child Care

 Children 8 and up can use the Child Care room at no extra cost
(See attendant for details) 

HOURS- --NOTE: Please call ahead on snow days.

Morning Hours--Monday thru Saturday - 8:30 AM-11:30 AM

Afternoon Hours--Monday & Wednesday - 4 PM-6 PM

COST:  $2.00 per hour each additional child $1 per hour.


1 Burlington Ave (Rt. 62)
Wilmington, MA 01887